Storyteller’s Grant

Are you a photographer with a dream or passion for creating visual stories?

The world needs more stories.

But that’s not easy. Money to support photography projects is at an all time low.

This fact is the driving force behind the FRED + RHINO storyteller’s grant.

We want to give you the resources to complete your mission and tell the visual stories you want (and need) to tell.

That’s why each year we use 10% of our profits to support other photographers. The more clothing items we sell, the more we donate. As we grow, our giving and community efforts will continue to grow right alongside us.

So let us know how you would use this grant to create an incredible and unique project, give back to the community, or create another positive experience to share with other photographers.

We want to help you take your skills and exposure to the next level by sharing your story with our audience across multiple platforms.

This grant is available to photographers of all ages, all backgrounds, and all experience levels.

Ready to tell your story? Apply below!

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