Restocks & Launches

If you start reading this please do not stop until the end.

This is important.

The environmental impact of the fashion industry is huge. It is the second most polluting industry in the world.

As such, we believe it’s important to make high quality garments that last and do it while slowing down and stream-lining the production process in function of preserving the environment.

What does this mean?

Instead of producing our garments beforehand, we only produce the fabrics after you have placed your order (about every 2 weeks).

By opting for this approach we are able to keep leftover fabrics at a bare minimum and group deliveries, therefore reducing our carbon footprint on this planet.

This, together with FRED + RHINO being a small independent company, means we are only able to produce and restock everything in small batches. Each is treated as a Limited Edition run.

As a result, some items might not be in stock when you visit the site and delivery might take a bit longer than you’re used to from giant online companies like Amazon.

We’ll always do our utmost to get your purchase to you as soon as possible in a responsible manner.

Also make sure to sign up for our mailing list to get notified of restocks and new releases.

Thank you for your patience & for wanting to be a part of the change.

We promise it will be worth the short wait, as in return you’ll get to enjoy your quality items for years.

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